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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Telemedicine

What is it all about?

Telemedicine is a way to connect you and your child to medical care while they remain in school. A nurse practitioner, along with the school nurse, examines your child via web camera and uses a special camera to examine eyes, ears, throat, & skin. A special stethoscope is used to hear heart and lung sounds.

We have insurance, so we don’t need that.
Even with good insurance, parents have to take time off work to attend doctor appointments. Even with good insurance, it can be difficult to get an appointment with your preferred doctor.

We have a doctor, so we don’t need that.
Health-e-Schools is an additional option for busy parents and busy doctors offices. Sometimes it can be hard to get in to see your regular doctor. Sometimes a child may not be so sick such that they need to miss a whole day of school to travel to their regular doctor. Telemedicine is available at school, all school days, and appointments can be arranged during non-core classes.

I want to be there when my child gets treatment.
After the initial screening to determine if a Telemedicine exam is needed, the school nurse will call the parent for permission to do the exam. At that time, the parent may request to be present for the exam, or if unable to be present a full explanation of findings and treatment will be reported by phone to the parent by the nurse practitioner.

Does this replace the school nurse?
No. This is a tool for the School Nurses to use to enhance what they can offer students. The School Nurse is needed on the student-end of the conversation to facilitate the appointment.

Why do the schools have fancy new telemedicine when budgets are so tight?
The schools did not buy the equipment. It is owned and maintained by a non-profit which has the goal of improving health for kids. Healthy kids learn better. Kids who can avoid missing school do better in school.

Will it mess up our Medicaid?
No. Your child’s Medicaid Primary Care Physician will not be changed. We will notify (with permission) your child’s regular doctor of any findings & treatment. But it will not change which practice they are assigned to.

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